Nail Art

From facial microdermabrasion and needle-free mesotherapy, through lymphatic drainage and firming massages, to beauty and slimming treatments – Vanity Day SPA beauty salon has prepared a wide range of treatments for face and body.

However, that is not all! In the Vanity Day SPA Salon, there are also experts providing professional hairdressing and cosmetic services which include hair coloring, keratin straightening and hair nutrition treatments. We also offer occasional hairstyles and bridal updos. At our parlor, you can also use the services of a make-up artist, who can give you a day, as well as evening make up.

Below you will find the exact price list of treatments provided by our salon.

Classic manicure + classic pedicure with polish – set (free acid)120 zł
Hybrid manicure + pedicure – set (free acid)170 zł
SPA for hands (peeling, mask, paraffine wax)60 zł
Classic manicure without polish40 zł
Classic manicure without polish + SPA for hands90 zł
Classic manicure with polish50 zł
Classic manicure with polish + SPA for hands100 zł
Japanese manicure60 zł
Japanese manicure + SPA for hands110 zł
Hybrid manicure80 zł
French hybrid manicure90 zł
Hybrid manicure + SPA for hands130 zł
Manicure with protein base90 zł
Hybrid manicure with protein base120 zł
Gel nails extention130 zł
Gel nails extention + hybrid150 zł
Gel nails extention french150 zł
Gel infill80 zł
Gel infill + hybrid100 zł
Removal of hybrid / gel20 zł
Mermaid, glitter, HOLO effect, sticker, stamp, etc2 zł nail
 15 zł / 10 nails
Paintings, jewellery3 zł nail
 25 zł / 10 nails
SPA for feet (peeling, mask, paraffine wax)110 zł
Classic pedicure without polish85 zł
Classic pedicure without polish + SPA for feet170 zł
Classic pedicure with polish90 zł
Classic pedicure with polish + SPA for feet180 zł
Japanese pedicure120 zł
Japanese pedicure + SPA for feet200 zł
Hybrid pedicure120 zł
French hybrid pedicure130 zł
Hybrid pedicure + SPA for feet200 zł
Acid for pedicure20 zł
Paraffine wax treatment40 zł