From facial microdermabrasion and needle-free mesotherapy, through lymphatic drainage and firming massages, to beauty and slimming treatments – Vanity Day SPA beauty salon has prepared a wide range of treatments for face and body.

However, that is not all! In the Vanity Day SPA Salon, there are also experts providing professional hairdressing and cosmetic services which include hair coloring, keratin straightening and hair nutrition treatments. We also offer occasional hairstyles and bridal updos. At our parlor, you can also use the services of a make-up artist, who can give you a day, as well as evening make-up.

Below you will find the exact price list of treatments provided by our salon.


Regenerating Cranberry120 minutes210 zł
Relaxing Chocolate120 minutes240 zł
Male Tobacco & Whisky120 minutes240 zł
Lomi Lomi Nui90 minutes190 zł
Kobido Face Massage60 minutes150 zł


Partial massage 40 minx6450 zł (75 zł / one massage)
 x10650 zł (65 zł / one massage)
Relaxing / classic massage 60 minx6600 zł (100 zł / one massage)
 x10900 zł (90 zł /one massage)
Massage with chinese bubble  
upper limbs/lower limbs / backx6450 zł (75 zł / one massage)
 x10650 zł (65 zł / one massage)
bellyx6360 zł (60 zł / one massage)
 x10500 zł (50 zł / one massage)


Hot chocolate massage30 minutes90 zł
 60 minutes160 zł
Hot candle massage60 minutes160 zł
Aromatherapy massage60 minutes150 zł
Warm honey massage60 minutes160 zł
Relaxing / classic massage60 minutes140 zł
 80 minutes180 zł
 120 minutes240 zł
Prenatal Massage60 minutes140 zł
Partial massage40 minutes90 zł
Face, neck and decollete / head massage30 minutes70 zł
Massage with chinese bubble  
belly40 minutes70 zł
lower / upper limbs60 minutes100 zł
back40 minutes100 zł

Body Treatments

Peeling 80 zł
Peeling + mask 130 zł
Peeling + relaxiation massage 60 min170 zł