Chemical peelings
SESDERMA I lavatron

From facial microdermabrasion and needle-free mesotherapy, through lymphatic drainage and firming massages, to beauty and slimming treatments – Vanity Day SPA beauty salon has prepared a wide range of treatments for face and body.

However, that is not all! In the Vanity Day SPA Salon, there are also experts providing professional hairdressing and cosmetic services which include hair coloring, keratin straightening and hair nutrition treatments. We also offer occasional hairstyles and bridal updos. At our parlor, you can also use the services of a make-up artist, who can give you a day, as well as evening make-up.

Below you will find the exact price list of treatments provided by our salon.

SESDERMA chemical peelings

Almond acid
– face or decollete160 zł
– face+ neck170 zł
– face + neck + decollete230 zł
Pyruvic acid
– face or decollete170 zł
– face+ neck180 zł
– face + neck + decollete250 zł
Ferulic acid
– face or decollete210 zł
– face+ neck260 zł
– face + neck + decollete320 zł
– upper/lower back or arms215 zł
– full back400 zł
Yellowpeel (retinol)
– face or decollete260 zł
– face+ neck340 zł
– face + neck + decollete470 zł


C-peel (serum)
-face or decollete40 zł
– face+ neck60 zł
– face + neck + decollete90 zł
Powder (Acne-prone skin powder)
– face or decollete40 zł
– face+ neck60 zł
– face + neck + decollete90 zł
C-peel ( serum + powder )
– face or decollete50 zł
– face+ neck80 zł
– face + neck + decollete110 zł


– Treatment for the eye area + mask100 zł
Smoothing out wrinkles/improving the oval and skin density
– face or decollete159 zł
– face+ neck220 zł
– face + neck + decollete360 zł
Body treatment (cellulite reduction, slimming, firming body and the elimination of flabbiness,stimulation of metabolism)
– belly or sides130 zł
– belly and sides180 zł
– upper legs170 zł
– buttocks or arms130 zł

Mezoterapia mikroigłowa

– BB Glow300 zł
– Meso-Cit by Mediderma250 zł

Pigmentacja skóry

– Kreska dolna300 zł
– Kreska zagęszczająca w górnej w linii rzęs400 zł
– Kreska zagęszczająca nad górną linią rzęs450 zł
– Kreska górna dekoracyjna550 zł
– Kreska górna i dolna (bez możliwości łączenia z innymi rabatami600 zł
– Brwi pudrowe750 zł
– Brwi metodą włoskową/microblading750 zł
– Usta 1 kolor800 zł
– Usta 3D (1-2 kolory)1000 zł
Dopigmentowanie II wizyta 
 – do 30 dni gratis
 – do 2 m-cy dopłata 100 zł
 – do 3 m-cy dopłata 200 zł
 – do 1 roku 1/3 ceny
 – do 2 lat 1/2 ceny
 – do 3 lat 2/3 ceny
– Makijaż naprawczycena jak przy nowym zabiegu


– Coctail make-up (delicate)120 zł
– Wedding make-up + free trial200 zł
– Evening make-up140 zł
– Occasional make-upfrom 100 zł to 200 zł